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Christie Finnegan has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Arts Management and a minor in Studio Arts from the College of Charleston.  She is an experienced childcare professional, small business owner and mother of three daughters. Christie has a passionate understanding for children and has been a preschool teacher for 20 years as well as a skilled art instructor who loves introducing young children to a variety of media.


Assistant Teacher

Amelia Maher is a student currently enrolled at the College of Charleston. She has been working with children from a young age, through babysitting and then later through teaching preschool-age children. Amelia is passionate about working with children and creating a fun and safe environment for them to grow. When she’s not busy in the classroom, she’s busy at home with her two young siblings, Athana and Georgie, or in her free time, she’s painting and drawing.


Visiting Teachers


Crystal DeMey

Owner / Founder of Sing, Play, & Learn

Sing, Play, & Learn with Miss Crystal is a fun, play-based, early childhood music education! Our research-based techniques and high-energy environment keep your little ones engaged and having fun, all the while growing their musical development. They’ll build confidence and musical creativity. Our music is very interactive and a great way for your child to boost their fine motor skills, learn and have appreciation for music from all over the world.


Music Teacher

Sabrina Clark, MT-BC, NICU-MT has been a board-certified music therapist since March of 2020. She completed her bachelor’s degree in music therapy from The University of Alabama, completing her internship in Fairfax County Public Schools. Her primary instrument is voice, but she is also an accomplished guitarist, pianist, and ukulelist. Her clinical experience includes: working with infants in the NICU, children with Autism, pediatric unit patients, teens with emotional and behavioral disorders, adult psychiatric intensive care unit patients, adults with varying disabilities, older adults with dementia, and hospice patients. Sabrina enjoys working with all who have a love for music! She is excited to provide music therapy for all in the greater Charleston area. She is First Aid and CPR Certified by the American Red Cross for both children and adults.

Master Glen

Owner of Mount Pleasant Karate

I have been actively involved in martial arts for over 40 years. It is my goal to share my knowledge with as many people as possible to improve the quality and length of their lives. I began my study of martial arts at the age of 10 with Grand Master Bo Kong who is a high ranking Tae Kwon Do instructor. I briefly studied Ishinryu Karate under Master Tom Devlin. I have been practicing Tang Soo Do for 4 decades. I have been fortunate to have studied this martial art under my Sa Bom Nim Grand Master C.S. Kim ( founder of the ITF) and instructor to Chuck Norris. I have received additional special training with Master John Gehosky.

Specialties: Tang Soo Do Instruction, Close and mid-range self-defense tactics, Joint locking and grappling.

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